I am 5’7”. I have these hips, you see. I could kill a man with my arms. I am sure footed and fast. I am thunderous.

I just told my mom that I broke edge and she said, “Try your best to put it back together. There’s superglue in the drawer.” This is a thing that actually happened.

I should come with a disclaimer.

"High chance of seeing breasts. Will not apologize."

My roommate and I are having a sleepover because we’re way too sad to be alone right now. He’s officially moving into my room. It’s the benefit of having two beds.

It’s a curious thought but I wonder how many times my neighbors have seen my boobs.

I am having a concussion and my brain is exploding. I have a huge bump on my forehead and i threw up in the river. Cross your fingers that i don t die tonit. I have a bookfair to go to tomorrow.

A poem for the

I have a concussion

I have red pepper in my eye

I have a new piercing

I dropped my phone in the river maybe possibly

I dont remember many things about today

I am not impressed

I finally broke into the wifi network of the neighboring office. Today, I inherit the kingdom.

I despise your haunting.

Anonymous: Do you have any nicknames?

They call me sex panther.

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Anonymous person: You are actually right.

I’m actually very happy that I never experienced a scene phase.

I think of you most when the world falls silent. When time seems to slow and barely passes by. Through squinting eyes, I still clearly see your face. The Cheshire Cat hallucination mocks my every step. My own thoughts and an endless reel of memories fog my mind. I sleep now only to postpone our meeting. Tomorrow night, I’ll once again welcome your perpetual grin.

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I am crying. 

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.
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I had to find one of Sarah laying seductively but I only found one of her pretending to sleep at UNM.

Proof that K Stew and I are dating.